Vibe Lyrics

Spent my money on a chain
dangling around my neck
I’m still tryna get a ring
Got one quarter left

She said money ain’t a thang
But I still wanna make her sing

We can get high
We can get low
We can go all night
Or we can take it slow
We don’t need a lot
No we don’t
We got what we got
Pockets full of No

I got purple in my veins
call that royal blood
But I’m still working every day
Tryna make this club go up

She don’t really care about material things
I throw it in the air, the American dream whoa

We’re all on these silly little paths tryna run around and grab shit
We all need just a little more green and a little less plastic


The Way It Was

I was shaking hands with the face of death in the Amazon
I was in a trance tryna catch my breath but I couldn’t run
When it came around I was on the ground, blood in my mouth
And I realized the whole damn time I’ve been missing out

Oh we never gonna go back to the way it was
Oh and we’re never gonna go back to the way we was
Tell me if you wanna roll with the rest of us
Cause oh it’s never gonna go back to the way it was

Did you get your fill? Have you seen it all? Have you had enough?
It’s a jagged pill you been choking on, you gotta cough it up
Ain’t it fine to forget your mind when you ride the wave
Summertime is only one more breath away, just one more breath away

Oh we never gonna go back to the way it was
Oh and we’re never gonna go back to the way we was
Tell me if you wanna roll with the rest of us
Cause oh it’s never gonna go back to the way it was

I don’t need to know what we’re heading for
Babe, I’m not looking back
Listen to your feet on the wooden floor
Don’t need nothing else but that
You know you don’t have to take your past mistakes into the dawn
So drop off your bags, don’t break your back, we’re gonna keep moving on


Baby’s on the road
Tryin’ to find what’s golden
Never gonna hold her down
I’m chillin’ on the sofa
I don’t wanna yoga
I don’t want to life right now

And ooh, see outside the season’s changing
But I’m burning all my daylight sleepin’

I want you to know that I’m still tryin’
(Baby, be my guru)
You see through my bad, you know I have my moods
When I’m super low you pull me higher
(Baby, be my guru)
We’re miles apart, but not at heart, my guru

She called me from a train
Headed to a plane
Comin’ for a week or two
Gotta clean my act up
I don’t wanna act up
So I gotta find my groove

Good vibrations swirlin’ ‘round me
So why does changing hurt so badly

Got some scruff goin’, gotta shave it
Get my diet up, no more eating bacon
Get a bathe in, bet it’d feel amazin’
Climb up from the cave I created in my basement

And even if I’m slow she’s patient with the pace I grow
(Oh you know she is)
And when I am alone she’s with me every place I go


It seems the more I know, the less I know

Makes me uncomfortable, wondering if it’s all for show

Am I just an animal diggin’ into rabbit holes

I’m falling on my knees, fall in love endlessly

And break up easily, repeating my history

Am I just an animal diggin’ into rabbit holes again

What I thought I knew, I can’t seem to find

What I think I need, I’m wrong every time

I’m on the floor again, woke up with aspirin

My lucky talisman, bring me back to life again

Don’t wanna be a vegetable, I keep it unpredictable

It’s up to me to write the story of my life

Even if it’s all a lie, we still got an alibi

We’re just a bunch of animals diggin’ into rabbit holes again


It’s hard to shake the feeling

These phonies make my blood run cold

That talk ain’t got no meaning

The shallow end is growing old

It’s getting hard to fake it

Pretending that I fit this scene

I’m fed up with the chasing

If I lead would you follow me

Running running from my problems

You’ll be sitting pretty, baby hold on tight

Racing towards a dream on the horizon

Gimme something better than this hollow life

I’m starving for an answer

I’m dying for an antidote

This planet’s moving faster

Why don’t we hurry up and take it slow

And we could chase the sunrise, the sunrise

I been waiting my whole life, my whole life

To sleep under the moonlight, the moonlight

So tell me what you’re thinkin, babe

Fever’s breaking us in two

But in the end it’s just a daydream

Are you feeling like a I do?

It’s all an illusion