Dallas, TX

By: Cicely Sandifer

Coast Modern joined us all at the Granada Theater for their first show ever in Dallas, TX on Tuesday the 11th and wow, they sure put on a great show. I feel like I have to do this, so I will. Here goes a quick shout out to Granada Theater for their smartly laid out venue; the floor has levels, so no matter where you’re standing, you can see (The stage is high, so if you’re a short fella like me, don’t stand on the first level). This short girl said “hallelujah” in her head!

When the huge screen in front of the stage started to lift up, I knew the audience of The Temper Trap fans was about to fall in love with an opener. Coleman Trapp interacted so well with the crowd. Talk about waving at people! Talk about pointing at people (to which I responded with some sort of wave)! Talk about making faces at people! Even talk about how he picked up someone’s phone and proceeded to … just look at it and make an impressed face. Epic, right? Luke Atlas also brought it 110% along with Steph Barker, who played those drums like it was nobody’s business.

Out of their already released songs, my favorite to hear live would either be The Way It Was or Hollow Life. The Way It Was brought the sound that they already established to audience members who didn’t know them, but it also brought something different. That sick beat drop, if you know what I mean. Hollow Life was their first single, so of course they had to play it last. And let me tell you, I did not want that set to end (The Temper Trap killed it too of course!). As for their unreleased stuff, it was all good (of course), but the song that stood out to me was Tiny Umbrella. Just look at that name … it’s intriguing. I can’t remember what song it was, but before it, Coleman said “This song is about having no money,” and I was sold from there on out. He also brought out a rain stick and told us to close our eyes and imagine we were in a rain forest. Oh, I was in that rain forest, baby.

After the show, there was a lot of hanging out happening inside and outside with other CoMo fans plus Luke and Coleman themselves. I cannot stress this enough, so read carefully. If Coast Modern is coming to your city with The Temper Trap, see them! Talk to them too. Only if you want to have yourself a good laugh, of course! Coleman thought the idea of Texas having good pizza was hilarious. What a dude.

If you’re reading this, have a very day!

Photo credit – Cicely Sandifer

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