Going Bananas in Nashville

On October 9th, Coast Modern brought their A game to 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville, TN. The electrifying performance was broadcast live on Nashville’s Lightning 100.

As you all know, I claim to be their number one fan in Tennessee. A moniker I have given to myself, lol. We have been communicating for about a year now, and I do consider Luke and Coleman my friends. 

I brought along my good friend, Sarah. She absolutely loved them. Why wouldn’t she? Coast Modern has perfected a formula for creating poetic lyrics with west coast indie vibes. The crowd was singing along with enthusiasm.

Luke and Coleman also help with PCD. What is PCD you ask? Post Concert Depression. After sharing a night with your favorite band, it’s hard not to feel a sort of high. The next day, you are back home living your life and you can miss that euphoric feeling. The guys were kind enough to send me a personal video on Snapchat. How awesome is that? They really know how to make a girl feel good. 

Indeed, Coast Modern is something special. The album is set to be released next year. I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for Luke and Coleman. I’m pretty sure the wave they are riding will intensify into a tsunami. If you get the chance to see them live, don’t hesitate. Do it! 


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