The Way It Was

Everyone felt the happy wave yesterday when Coast Modern dropped their newest song, The Way It Was, three days earlier than expected.  It was assumed it would be made public on Friday in their #coast2theweekend series.  Lucky for us, the fates were in our favor and they spoiled us with something spectacular and original.

If you need to familiarize yourself:

The duo has received great praise from fans and publications with glowing reviews.  Feel free to check out some of the awesome articles from Pigeons and Plans and  Pressplay.  However, if you want some colorful reviews, you gotta hit the feel from the Coast Modern fans because they are something spectacular.  (Here’s a very small sample.)


The best tweet of the day:


In fact these tweets are so good, we’re going to highlight the best with a new feature called “Fans on Fire” to highlight the best of the best in fan social media.  Look back to see if you made the list and congrats to Faith for being the inaugural winner.




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