Getting Hotter

I know it. You know it. Everyone knows it! Coast Modern is heating up the summer, and they’re only getting hotter. I am a huge fan, as you can tell. Thank goodness for satellite radio!! Alt Nation is my lifeline to new music, and that’s where I first heard “Hollow Life”. Hmm, I thought. Who is this Coast Modern? I quickly found them on Twitter, but alas, no pics! I tweeted them. They responded with “find us”. It was on. Of course, the Internet was my friend, and I tweeted a pic to them.

“You found us!” We have been tweeting ever since. I have to say, even if there was no communication, I would still be a fan. The sounds they create, and easy to listen to vibes had me hooked from day one. The way they relate to fans makes them more endearing. It seems concert goers and Twitter followers alike can’t get enough of this duo. It’s hard not to get too mushy about Coleman and Luke! They have been hard at work touring, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally see them this July! A million selfies to follow the show! Lol! Mad love for Coast Modern!


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